AeroPilates Performer Plus

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AeroPilates Performer Plus


The latest revolutionary model! AeroPilates Performer Plus is a body sculpting and conditioning programme, a natural energy generator and a fat burner. By using a Pilates Reformer, it helps to realign your spine to avoid imbalances that you may experience with floor Pilates.

The perfect low-impact system for any body, any mind, any age. It's not a chore, a time of day or a day of the week!

AeroPilates Performer Plus - The World's No.1 Pilates Reformer


    4 Power Cords Adjust resistance to meet your needs with Velcro handles
    Body Aligning
    Padded Platform
    Head and shoulder supports perfectly aligning your body
    Optimum Comfort With soft hand and foot straps, padded foot bar, 3-position adjustable head rest and high density foam shoulder pads
    Cardio Re-bounder  Reaches and maintains target heart rate as effectively as with a treadmill
    Compact Storage Fold-able frame with larger wheels for easy portability

    1 x Aeropilates Performer Plus Unit

    1 x Performer Plus Pilates Stand

    5 x Workout DVD

    1 x Owner's Manual

    1 x Slim Down Plan

    1 x Wall Chart

    1 x Floor Mat 


    Product Dimensions: 220cm L x 52cm W
    Max Weight permitted: 136kg
    Warranty: 3 Years

Why choose AeroPilates?

AeroPilates combines traditional Pilates reformer exercise with cardiovascular exercise simply by adding a rebounder to one end of the AeroPilates reformer.

The result is a workout that develops all four components of fitness-muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.




AeroPilates Reviews

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  • What is a risk-free trial?

    The Risk Free Trial is a great option for people who want to try AeroPilates in the comfort of their own home, before they pay the full purchase price. Call now to find out more.

  • Does AeroPilates come with a warranty?    

    AeroPilates is covered by a 3 Year Product Warranty.

  • What are the benefits of the Cardio Rebounder?

    The patented Cardio Rebounder was added to the traditional Pilates reformer to create a home reformer that delivers the four basics of fitness – muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

  • Will I develop large muscles?

    No. Long, lean, defined muscles are developed.

  • I have an ongoing back condition. What should I do?

    A large number of people use AeroPilates® to improve their back problems with excellent results, as strengthening the core, changing muscle length, rebalancing and relaxing the body, and changing body posture can all have a contributory, positive effect. However, it is important to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program to correct back problems.

  • I am a senior citizen, can I use it?

    Yes, with your doctor’s approval. Joseph H. Pilates used the Method into his 80s, and many elderly people in their 60s and 70s work out several days a week.

  • Can I lose weight using it? 

    In conjunction with an appropriate diet, AeroPilates® promotes a lean and graceful appearance with managed weight loss. If you use the Cardio Rebounder you will also be incorporating one of the most wonderful cardio workouts you may ever have experienced.

  • Can I use if I’m pregnant?

    It is the perfect regimen to prepare your body for pregnancy and to remain flexible and strong while you are carrying. If you are not already training prior to conception it is not recommended that you begin after you become pregnant. However, it is ideally suited for post-natal recovery regardless of prior experience.

  • Can I access the manual online?

    Absolutely - click here to view