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Dr Ho's Circulation Promoter

DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter is a total body Pain Therapy System, designed to help improve circulation, reduce swelling, alleviate aching feet & legs, plus relieve pain, tension & stiffness.
It is a modern day home therapy device combining the latest technologies. It feels like a deep, soothing massage, helping relax tight muscles, relieving your pain.

It's easy to use, portable, safe & effective. Get relief when you need it, while saving time and money. Dr-Ho's Circulation Promoter system is your solution to living with less pain.


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Dr Ho's Circulation Promoter


    • Professional grade technology and design
    • Helps relieve , swollen feet and ankles, Sciatica pain, and numbness
    • Versatile - Pain Therapy device connects to either the Circulation Promoter Foot Base, small body massage pads or large body massage pads.
    • Easy, effective and portable
    • Get relief in as little as 20 minutes
    • Effective relief for:
      1. Headaches
      2. Neck Pain
      3. Shoulder Tension
      4. Back Pain
      5. Knee Pain
      6. Sciatica Pain
      7. Joint Pain
      8. Muscle fatigue aches & tension
      9. Water retention
      10. Arthritic Related Pain
      11. Pain from Repetitive Strain Injuries
      12. Pain from Sports Injuries

    Circulation Promoter Kit Content Includes:

    • DR-Ho's Circulation Promoter 
    • Black DR-HO's Bag
    • Pain Therapy Device
    • Mini Water Bottle Spray
    • Treatment Plug
    • Adhesive Pads
    • Flextone Pads
    • Owner's Manual
    • Instructional DVD by DR-HO
    • Electrode Pads with Wire Set
    • Portable Pain Therapy System
    • Foot Relief Massage Pads

    Package Dimensions and Weight: 

    Dimensions: 41 x 41 x 6.6 cm 

    Weight: 2.4kg



Relieve Pain & Muscle Tension

Whilst Improving Circulation


All in the comfort of your home 

In as little as 20 Minutes!




  • What is Dr Ho's Circulation Promoter?

    DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter helps relieve pain, relax tight muscles and improve circulation.  Developed specifically for people with circulation issues in the legs and feet.  Circulation promoter helps activate the leg and feet muscles by targeting the nerves to stimulate blood and nerve flow, resulting in healthier, less swelling, less pain and greater circulation in the legs and feet.

    With this special offer, you will also get DR-HO'S Travel Kit as well.  DR-HO'S Travel Kit includes 1 pair of DR-HO'S Portable Circulation Promoting Foot Pads.  Now you can get the same great benefits while you're traveling!

  • How do you use it?

    1. Sit comfortably and relax.
    2. Lightly spray water on the bottom of bare feet.
    3. Place bare feet on Circulation Promoter Foot Base.
    4. Turn Pain Therapy Device on. Select desired mode, time and intensity level - enjoy!

    Note: To treat other body areas, simply plug small or large body massage pads in DR-HO’S Pain Therapy

    Device. Place pads on body part with pain and tension, and enjoy!

  • How does it work?

    DR-HO'S Circulation Promoter is powered by DR-HO'S Pain Therapy System to help improve circulation in the legs and feet. The system combines Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (T.E.N.S.), Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and Pulse Massage to help stimulate the nerves and muscles in the soles of the feet. This promotes gentle contractions that help circulate blood through the fee and pump it up through the legs, improving blood circulation to help reduce swelling around the ankles.


    Included in the kit are small and large massage pads that connect to DR-HO’S Pain Therapy System, which allows it work as Muscle Therapy system to treat other body areas. These send out therapeutic waves through the electrodes, which stimulates the combination of deep-tissue massage technique and various muscle movements.  

  • What is recommended for?

    • Swollen Feet & Ankles
    • Knee, ankle and foot Pain
    • Poor Circulation
    • Sciatica Pain
    • Numbness
    • Headaches
    • Arthritis Pain
    • Tendonitis Pain
    • Lower back, neck, hip, shoulder, elbow pain
    • Joint and muscle pain, cramps and strained muscles


  • How quickly does it work?

    Get relief in as little as 20 minutes!

  • Does Dr Ho Circulation Promoter come with a warranty?

    Dr Ho Circulation Promoter is covered by a 1 year product warranty.