Mini Massage Chair

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Mini Massage Chair

How to get a stress-relieving massage any time you want

Imagine getting relief from stiff, tired muscles, stress and fatigue... in the comfort of your own home... any time you want. Well, now you can!

Introducing the Health Centre Mini Massage Chair – the incredibly compact robotic massage chair that gives you the fantastic benefits of a professional massage, cleverly condensed in one stylish space-saving unit.

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Ask our operators about the newest addition to the famous Health Centre range:


  • Air pressure massage functionality targets your buttocks and hips
  • Use Bluetooth technology to connect with your smart device 
  • Compact design: 910mm x 940mm x 630mm – The tiny foot print is less than a metre square
  • Comes fully assembled and is easily moved on its back rollers by one person.
  • How big is the Health Centre Mini Massage Chair?

    The tiny footprint is less than one square metre. The complete unit is 910mm x 940mm x 630mm.

  • Do I have a choice of colours?

    Yes – you can choose from black or black and cream.

  • How many pre-set massages are there?

    There are three. Choose from whole body, upper body or lower back.

  • Can I personalise my massage?

    Yes – you can personalise your massage to target the area you want.

  • Does the chair require assembly?

    No –  the chair comes fully assembled. Simply plug in the chair and you’re ready for your massage.

  • Can I move the chair?

    Yes – the chair has rear rollers, making it easy for one person to move the chair to a new location.

  • Does the chair have Bluetooth?

    Deluxe model has Bluetooth technology so you can wirelessly connect the built-in 3D speaker system to your smart device.

  • Does it come with a warranty?

    Yes – your Health Centre Massage Chair comes with a 1 year warranty. Read further information here.