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Searching For Sleepyland

Searching for Sleepyland is a new collection of ground-breaking bedtime stories that combine the latest researched developments in relaxation and sleep methods with time-tested techniques.

All developed to help your children fall asleep - quickly, night after night. When you read the stories, your children are gently falling asleep, before you know it!
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Searching for Sleepyland


    Easy to Follow Guided Stories Calming and focusing effect transforms story into child’s own personal journey to sleep
    Proven and effective techniques  Deep breathing, Progressive muscle relaxation, Visualisation & Toe tensing
    Provides guidelines on practising
    good “sleep hygiene”
    Simple and effective way to build a healthy “sleep habit” so your child wakes up refreshed, happy and ready to achieve, and enjoy life
    & Sticker Pages
    Easy to colour, colouring-in/activity set pages based on the characters & imagery featured in the Sleepy-land books



    1x Ozzy the Octopus in The Blue Lagoon Book
    1x Santos The Squirrel in The Whispering Woods Book
    2x Activity Sets including colouring & stickers



    Product Dimensions: 210 x 250 mm
    Designed in NZ
    1 Year Warranty

Children's Bedtimes - Transformed

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    Heath - Ruby's Dad

    "A four-year-old still up at 11 most nights – it was driving us nuts. Now we’ve got a great routine going – and we all sleep right through!"

  • Mother daughter happy

    Mandy - Sophie's Mum

    "Just four nights of Sleepyland, and she fell asleep at page 6. I couldn’t believe it. I just sat there staring. I nearly cried."

  • Mum and son in kitchen

    Jo - Michael's Mum

    "The yelling, the crying, the coming out to be dragged back in… every single freaking night! Thank goodness that’s all over. We so love Sleepyland!"

" grasses on the forest floor of the Whispering Woods, pressing onto the pads of his paws...."


  • Can I try the books first to see if they work?

    This entire amazing package can be yours to try in your own home, risk free for 30 days. If your children are not falling asleep faster, simply send it back for a full refund of the product price. So what do you have to lose!

  • Is there a proven way to get my child to sleep faster?

    Yes, there is.

    Bedtime story telling is an effective practice valued in almost every culture for getting children to sleep. It is a beautifully simple way to refocus and relax a young mind, not only closing the door on the day’s problems, but also filling in time that could otherwise be spent thinking or worrying about tomorrow.

    The Searching for Sleepyland™ series is designed to expand on the above principals by incorporating proven and effective relaxation techniques for children. These include (among others):

    • Deep breathing
    • Progressive muscle relaxation
    • Visualisation
    • Toe Tensing

    They are written to be read out loud, in a specific way and flow in the way you would naturally read to your child. These are guided stories – not only are you given words to read, you are also guided how to read them. This method will have a calming and focusing effect on your child. The stories also feature repetition and rhythm know to have a calming and soothing effect– many passages follow the flow of nursery rhymes, classic children’s poetry and lullabies.

    At certain points you will be prompted to insert your child’s name, transforming the story into their own personal journey into sleep. Your child is drawn into the world created by text and gently encouraged to let go of daily concerns or what’s happening outside of their room, and drift into a more relaxed state that allows their imagination to take over.

    Establishing a regular night-time routine in this manner is a simple and effective way to build a healthy sleep habit so that your child will wake up refreshed, happy and ready to achieve and enjoy life the next day.

  • How will these books help my child to fall asleep? What is the secret?

    This amazing collection is specifically designed to safely train young children to effectively fall asleep. The secret of this programme is combining the latest developments in relaxation and sleep methods with time-tested techniques (such as repetition and rhythm) that get kids to sleep.

    Each book not only gives you the text you read, it guides you in how to read each passage for the best results. It’s called Guided Reading… some words you read with more emphasis, whilst others are read more quietly. There are even actions to help prompt your child to do the same – like a yawn!

    With Searching for Sleepyland™ your child will develop healthy bedtime behaviours, thanks to calming routines, effective relaxation techniques, gentle positive reinforcement… and friendly characters they’ll come to know and love!

  • What can I expect when reading these books to my child?

    What used to take you hours, should now take you minutes. Bedtime will go from a drama your whole family used to dread to a peaceful end to the day you’ll now look forward to. All the stories in the Searching for Sleepyland™  collection are incredibly delightful and engaging.  Your child will look forward to snuggling in bed to listen every night… while you notice them becoming more calm, relaxed and focused on getting to sleep. 

    In no time at all, your child will be practicing good, healthy sleep hygiene (the set of behaviours that promote optimal sleep).

  • Do the books come in hardcover or paperback?

    All books in the Searching for Sleepyland™ series come in hardcover, which makes them easier to read and store... and more durable, so you can pass them down to another generation!

  • Do I get any added extras with the books?


    Every book in the Searching for Sleepyland™ series comes with Colouring-in pages and a Sticker collection, featuring the main characters unique to each story… absolutely free! 

  • What should be done before I start reading to my child?

    Practice good sleep hygiene by developing a soothing night-time routine with your child. Try not to say, “It’s time for sleep” or, “It’s bedtime now” at the start of your routine. So maybe start with, “It’s bath-time”, or “Time to brush your teeth”, then “Time for pyjamas”, and step-by-step lead into, “Okay, climb into bed, because it’s Storytime” …then tuck them in, and introduce the book.

    As this is a read out loud book, encourage your child to close their eyes and listen carefully – and to try and paint their own pictures in their head. Allowing them to read along or look at pictures will simply encourage them to stay awake.

  • How long is each book?

    The books in the Searching for Sleepyland™ series have between 32 and 38 pages each. A “full read” of each story takes approximately half an hour.

  • Should I read the entire book in one sitting or can I break it up over several evenings?

    The books have no chapters and are designed to be read from start to finish in one sitting. However, your child might fall asleep so quickly that you may not need to read the entire book!

  • Can I get my child to read along with me?

    As these are “read-out-loud” books, encourage your child to close their eyes and listen carefully – and to try and paint their own pictures in their head. Allowing them to read along or look at pictures will simply encourage them to stay awake. If they ask to see pictures, simply show them the whole book before you start reading.