Shark Rotator NV750

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Shark Rotator NV750


The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away is a 2-in-1 upright with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology®. With Upright, Lift-Away & Powered Brush Lift-Away modes you can clean every inch of your your home - effortlessly. Illuminate every area with the ClearView LED lights & say goodbye to pet hair with the powerful Upholstery Attachments.
Available now on a 60 Day in Home Trial 

Rotator Powered Lift Away


    Powered Lift-Away™ Technology Extending the reach of the powered cleaning head to get all the way in, around, behind, and under every tough-to-reach area.
    Advanced Cyclonic Technology Separates fine dirt from the air - which will prevent dirt from clogging the filters and will keep suction power strong over time. 
    Fingertip Controls Allowing you to switch effortlessly from carpets to bare floors and back.
    Illuminozzle Headlight Technology
    Navigate dark corners and under furniture with LED lights in the nozzle of our Powered Lift Away® series.
    Enhanced Swivel Steering Advanced steering technology provides excellent control of our Powered Lift-Away® when manoeuvring around furniture.

    1x Shark Rotator Lift Away NV750
    1x Dusting Brush
    1x 11” Crevice Tool
    1x Pet Upholstery Tool
    1x TruePet Mini Motorized Brush
    1x Complete User Guide

    Size and Weight: 46" high x 12" wide x 13" deep
    Weight: Just 7kgs - full upright
    4kgs – “Lift-Away” pod
    3.6L Dust Bin Capacity
    Power: Mains Power with 30' power cord

Incredible Manoeuvrability

With the push of a button your Rotator transforms into a Powered Lift-Away™ Vacuum...

Extending the reach of the motorized cleaning head under hard-to-reach areas in your home.

Exclusive 60 Day Risk Free Trials Available

Scientifically proven to reduce allergens

- British Allergy Foundation

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology®

Shark Rotator Lift-Away captures and holds over 99.9% of dust and allergens** inside the vacuum, not back into the air you breathe.

It’s time to clear the air about this dirty little secret. The truth is, if your vacuum does not have a system that is completely sealed, then the dust and allergens you vacuum up escape back into the air before they even reach the HEPA filter.

Shark NV750 Reviews

  • Lisa

    “The best vacuum I've ever used. Love how simple it is to dump out and clean the filter.”

  • Mary

    “I have a Shark iron and it is powerful. This is my first time using a Shark Lift-Away. I love how much power it has!"

  • Michelle

    “I enjoy any time I get to use this machine - which is often! I have two boys and a cat, so this does the job.”

  • Kayla

    "I love all the tools that came with the vacuum! The long tool works wonders and the dusting tools are amazing!"


  • What is a Risk Free Trial?

    The Risk Free Trial is a great option for people who want to try a Shark Vacuum in the comfort of their own home, before they pay the full purchase price. Call now to find out more. 

  • Does the Shark NV750 come with a warranty?

    The Shark NV750  is covered by a 5 Year Product Warranty. 

  • What are the specifications of the vacuum?

    46" high x 12" wide x 13" deep 

  • What is maximum dirt capacity for the dust cup container?

    The dust cup holds 3.3 dry quarts. It has an easy, bottom-empty design for quick removal of debris. The top also opens to remove stubborn debris.

  • Can I turn the headlights off?

    The powerful LED headlights are designed to illuminate debris in dark spaces to make cleaning more efficient. The headlights will go on and stay on whenever the power is on. The headlights are long-lasting and designed to last the life of the vacuum so they never need replacing.

  • How do I remove and empty the dust cup?

    Pinch the dust cup release latches on the rear of the dust cup handle and lift the dust cup up and away from the vacuum body. Note: The dust cup should be emptied each time you vacuum and periodically during cleaning, when the dust cup appears full.

    Hold the dust cup over the trash and press the bottom door release button on the front of the unit. Tap gently to empty contents. Press the door shut again until it clicks. If needed, turn the dust cup upside down over the trash and press the top door release button. Tap gently to remove contents or wipe clean with a soft cloth.

  • Can I access the manual online?

    Absolutely - click here to view