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Before using the GoGo for the first time, and for best results, please ensure you read the Owner’s Manual enclosed with the product or alternatively you can download it here.

We've also included a handy un-boxing video within this page to walk you though set-up and first use. 

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    I've lost my manual, where can I get another one?

    You can download your manual here. All operating instructions on how to use your GoGo can be found in the manual.

    Can I use any type of mouse or keyboard with the GoGo stick?

    Absolutely! Just ensure that they are connected to the correct slot. If necessary, you may add extra devices by using a USB hub.

    Can I download more applications?

    Of course! You can add or remove apps that are on your GoGo. You may want to add more memory with a micro TF card to your GoGo Stick. We recommend to not use more than 32gb. 


    • First-time use: Choose the display language (default is English)
    • The GoGo Stick Setup runs the first time you plug it into your TV.

      Follow the simple steps on your TV screen to:

    • Connect to your home Wi-Fi router and enter your router’s password (note: some routers
      may be case-sensitive to the characters you enter here).
    • Set your time zone. Navigate around
      the interface. For more details on using the Android system, apps and other features, please see www.google.com.
    • Runs standard Android applications
    • The Android operating system was developed for a wide variety of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, set-top TV boxes and consumer electronics/entertainment equipment
    • Offering the numerous features found in these various types of connected multimedia/
      Internet terminals; GoGo Stick supports the same applications as other Android devices. 

    • Do not plug or unplug the power cable with wet hands.
    • Keep the power cable away from heating devices.
    • Do not put heavy items on the power cable or the unit storage.
    • Disconnect the power when the device is unused for long periods of time or if it is damaged.
    • Do not expose the unit to extreme moisture, dust and vibrations.
    • Store the unit away from direct sunlight, excessive heat, fire and extremely cold environments.
    • Do not interrupt the power while in the process of upgrading uploading/downloading the firmware, to avoid data loss or program error.
    • Make sure power is not interrupted when the storage card is inserted or removed, to avoid data loss.

    Why isn't my internet connecting?

    After selecting your internet provider by clicking on it's name - ensure that you are using the correct password. If it continues to display 'authenticating' - the password is likely to be incorrect.  

    Why did my movie stop streaming? What caused this?

    Your internet connection is too weak for the movie to play without buffering disruptions. As you are streaming, as opposed to browsing the web - you will need to increase your internet speed by contacting your internet provider or moving your modem closer to your GoGo Stick. 

    Why is there no signal on my TV after connecting the GoGo HDMI?

    Ensure that your GoGo stick is powered up - you should see a small blue light on the side lit. If you still do not see the GoGo logo on your screen, make sure that all connections are in tight. The GoGo stick must be firmly connected into your TV HDMI. If you’re having problems connecting the GoGo directly to your TV - use the HDMI extension cable provided.

    Why can't I see the GoGo air mouse cursor?

    Once batteries are installed correctly and the USB receiver has been placed into your GoGo - double click on the Orange (M) in the centre of the air mouse. This turns the mouse on and displays the cursor. After one minute, this will disappear on its own if not used. 

    Why does the GoGo logo appear on my screen for a long time? 

    Your GoGo TV stick should only appear on your screen for less than a minute to show that your device is loading. However, if it appears for longer than a minute, this suggests that there is not sufficient power coming from the TV USB port to power the device. To prevent this, you must use the included AC power adapter when using your GoGo on the TV. 


    GoGo is covered by a 1 Year Product Warranty.